Diagnostic Tests

Testing is an important part of our comprehensive naturopathic treatment services. After your two-hour initial consultation, Dr. Abernathy may recommend one or more specific tests to determine the presence of imbalances, toxins and deficiencies in your body that could be causing your symptoms. After analyzing the test results, she will design a customized treatment plan using natural remedies, botanical medicines, nutritional supplements and diet to return your body to its natural state of health.

A. Standard Blood Tests. These routine tests, performed at an outside laboratory, can include any standard blood test ordered by a medical doctor. If you have health insurance, these blood tests are usually covered.

B. Specialized Tests. Our patients take the test kit home and send the specimen (urine, saliva, stool or blood) to the lab. The lab then sends the test results to Dr. Abernathy.

  • Food Allergy Test. This simple finger-stick blood test can test for 30 of the most common food allergies with just a few drops of blood, including wheat, dairy, meats, fruits, vegetables, nuts and soy.
  • Fatty Acid Analysis. The findings of this finger-stick blood test can have a tremendous effect on a patient’s health. By analyzing your body’s levels of essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids and identifying deficiencies, it provides important information about your total body health, including cardiovascular and neurological health, inflammation and immunity.
  • Hormone Test. This test helps assess hormonal imbalances and how they relate to certain symptoms you may be experiencing. Available with both saliva and urine samples which are much more accurate than blood tests.
  • Stool Test. Digestive health is the keystone to total body wellness. This important test will show us everything that is happening in your digestive system, including the presence of pathogenic bacteria, yeast, parasites and blood as well as markers for digestion, absorption, immunity and inflammation. Once we understand what is going on in your gut, we can treat you with safe and natural remedies and restore harmony to your body.
  • Toxic Elements Test. This urine test identifies the presence of 20 heavy metals such as mercury and lead. Toxicity can be the underlying cause of a wide variety of mild and severe symptoms.