Naturopathic Consultation


One of the most dramatic differences between an appointment with most medical doctors and naturopathic doctors is the amount of time spent listening and talking to you, the patient. Your first consultation with Dr. Crystal Abernathy will last approximately three hours, during which time you will have her undivided attention. Here’s what you can expect:

Step #1
Preparing for your first visit

Click here to complete your 5-page Intake Form and other forms prior to your appointment.

Step #2
Please provide the following 1 week prior to your Consultation:

  • Completed Intake Form & Patient & Covid Agreements.
  • 7-day Diet Diary where you simply write down everything you have eaten for a full week.
  • Log in information for all Patient Portals so that Dr. Abernathy can review your past results (she will not contact your MD unless you request it)
  • Pictures of the front & back of all of your supplement and drug bottles so that Dr. Abernathy can review the ingredients.

Step #3
Naturopathic Consultation

The consultation consists of four stages:

  • Information-Gathering. Dr. Abernathy will review your completed forms and ask you to talk about what’s been going on with you in detail. She will listen carefully to everything you say and look for important clues to the underlying causes of your symptoms.
  • Supplements and Drugs. Dr. Abernathy will carefully review the ingredients and quality of your medications and look for any negative interactions between them. She will tell you which supplements to continue using, which ones are harmful and which ones are redundant. She may recommend dosage changes. Her goal is to simplify your supplement regimen and reduce them to the most effective ones. This can save you money every month while you enjoy more health benefits.
  • Nutritional and Lifestyle Discussion. After careful review of your diet diary and your lifestyle routines, Dr. Abernathy will make recommendations regarding such areas as nutrition, sleep, environment and exercise to optimize your health and well-being.
  • Naturopathic Treatment Plan. Once Dr. Abernathy has finished the information-gathering part of the session, she will:
    • Explain what she believes is causing your symptoms.
    • Recommend one or more diagnostic tests to confirm her observations.
    • Discuss natural treatment options which may include nutritional, herbal and homeopathic supplements.
    • Start you on some non-toxic all-natural remedies that will begin to remove toxins and correct imbalances in your body. You have the option of obtaining the recommended supplements from Dr. Abernathy’s professional dispensary.
    • Make diet, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.
    • Schedule a follow-up appointment.

Step #4
Diagnostic Testing

Dr. Abernathy may recommend one or more diagnostic tests. You will go to a nearby laboratory for standard blood work. For more specialized tests, you will take a test kit home and mail the specimen (i.e., urine, saliva, stool) to the lab for analysis.

Step #5
Fine-tune Treatment Plan

Dr. Abernathy will contact you once the lab results are in. Depending on the findings, she may recommend additional natural medications to thoroughly treat the underlying causes of your symptoms.

Step #6
Treatment Follow-up

Second appointment to discuss test results in 2-4 weeks, then follow a 3-month treatment plan and retest then 3rd appt about 4 months after the 1st appt., during which time considerable improvement is experienced. After that time period, patients return on an as-needed basis. Follow-up visits normally last 30-45 minutes.

Most people begin feeling better within a couple of weeks and continue getting healthier over the following months. More difficult cases may require more time and patience. Your naturopathic treatment program is designed to replenish your body’s natural nutritional state, correct any imbalances and toxicities and unleash the natural healing force inside of you. Expect to feel dramatically better!

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