Dr. Crystal Abernathy, N.D

It’s time to find out what’s really making you sick.

The essential difference between naturopathic doctors (NDs) and medical doctors (MDs) can best be summed up with this analogy:

The “check engine” light in your car comes on, so you take it to a mechanic to find out what’s wrong. Your mechanic claims to have solved the problem by cutting the wire that leads to the light. “That’s not going to solve the real problem!” you tell him in frustration. “Go back under that hood and don’t come out until you know what’s causing my engine light to go on.”

We demand the best care for our cars; yet, as patients, we often calmly accept treatment that attempts to address symptoms, but not the root causes.

Like the “check engine” light, symptoms are our bodies’ warning lights alerting us to a deeper problem. As a naturopathic doctor and graduate of an accredited four-year naturopathic medical school, Dr. Crystal Abernathy is trained to uncover the underlying problems and treat them safely with natural non-toxic therapies and nutrition. This holistic approach removes toxins, corrects imbalances and unleashes your body’s natural healing force.

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