Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is naturopathic medicine?

Naturopathic Medicine is an all-natural form of health care which uses nutrition and non-toxic natural remedies instead of drugs and surgery to restore your health. Naturopathic care is helpful for just about any condition or disease. Many people prefer to use natural treatments, but are confused by all the conflicting information they find in books and on the Internet. My goal is to help you understand your disease or condition, find the root cause, and formulate an assessment and natural treatment plan designed just for you. In some cases, naturopathic care will need to be combined with medical care; however, improving your diet and nutritional state will actually help the medical treatments to work better!

2. What’s the difference between naturopathic and homeopathic medicine?

Homeopaths use only homeopathy to treat people. Naturopathic physicians use homeopathy as well as many other natural treatments. Homeopathy is based on the concept of “like cures like” and uses extremely diluted and gentle substances to restore balance to the body.

3. Why do people go to naturopathic doctors?

• “Mystery Conditions”, such as Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. Many people go to NDs after seeing several medical doctors who were unable to successfully treat their condition. You may feel justifiably frustrated by your doctor’s lack of focus on the root cause of your symptoms. Worse yet, you may have been labeled a hypochondriac, “non-compliant” or told you just need an anti-depressant. Many people tell me that they are now depressed as a result of their condition, and the poor treatment they’ve received, and not the other way around.

• Side Effects of Medication. Often people can’t tolerate the side effects of their medications, even though their initial symptoms are alleviated. They come to NDs with the hope of finding a natural and safe treatment alternative to toxic drugs and surgery.

• Disillusioned Health Workers. Many of my patients are mainstream healthcare professionals who have become frustrated with conventional medicine’s emphasis on the over-prescription of toxic drugs. They are thrilled to find a naturopathic doctor who will spend more time with them, working hard to find the true cause of their condition.

• Preventive Medicine. People want a proactive approach to maintain their good health. Naturopathic doctors focus on prevention, screening and optimization of health by providing their patients with a personalized health maintenance program.

4. Do you have experience treating my condition?

As a practicing ND since 1999, I have had the opportunity to successfully treat many diverse conditions, from allergies to thyroid problems, from migraines to high blood pressure, from chronic fatigue to menstrual problems. Conditions Treated

5. How will my visits with a naturopathic doctor differ from a medical doctor?

The first difference you’ll notice is how much time you and I spend together discussing you. Your initial consultation will last about two hours. I spend the majority of the time asking you questions, listening carefully to your answers and looking for clues that will help me diagnose your underlying condition. The information-gathering part of the consultation is followed by my recommendations for specific diagnostic tests and an effective naturopathic treatment plan.

6. Will I have a physical exam?

Although I am fully trained to do physical exams, I prefer to spend most of our initial two-hour consultation listening to your history and concerns and asking you questions. This approach will help me determine the best naturopathic treatment plan for you. If necessary, I will examine any problem areas.

7. Should I continue seeing my regular doctor?

Absolutely. I recommend that everyone maintain a relationship with a medical doctor, first and foremost, because you need to continue getting comprehensive annual exams (breast exams, PAP smears, prostate exams, routine bloodwork). There may also be times when you will need a prescription drug or the diagnostic imaging tests that only medical doctors can provide. It takes a team of healthcare providers to maintain optimal health, and MDs are important members of your team, just like NDs, chiropractors, and massage therapists, etc.

8. How long will it take for me to feel better?

Some patients begin to feel better within days to weeks and continue to improve over months. Typically, patients begin to see dramatic improvements within 3-6 months.

9. How often do I need to see you?

A typical patient will have monthly visits for 3-6 months. Beyond that timeframe, visits occur on an as-needed basis.

10. Do you prescribe prescription drugs?

No, I do not prescribe synthetic drugs. I first identify toxins, imbalances and deficiencies in your body’s systems that are creating your symptoms and making you sick. I then use natural non-toxic remedies and supplements to allow the healing force within your body to flourish.

11. Are your services covered by my insurance?

You would need to check with your insurance provider. In some cases, your insurance company will reimburse you. Please note that I do not file insurance directly, so your consultation fee is due at the time of service. I will be happy to provide you with an official coded receipt if needed. If you have a Flex plan debit card, you can pay with that.

12. What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, checks, all major credit cards, and Flex plan debit cards are accepted. Check or cash payments will receive a 2.4% discount on services & supplements (not available on tests or shipping).